Paint & Post, Paintrala
has been saying goodbye

Paintrala was shut down on May, 2017 due to operational issues.
Thank you for loving our service.
If you have any questions about Paintrala, please mail to here

Paintrala's user
-Both Android and iOS-

Share the paintings

Paintrala is a SNS full of creative and nice PAINTINGS, where you can share paintings together with friends all over the world

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Find the enjoying

Try to take pride in your paitings painted with your phone. You may be surprised with the hidden talents of your friends


Don't worry about that
you are not talented in painting

Whether you paint well or not, Paintrala will provide you with pleasure together with surprising paintings that you have never experienced before

Painting contest

Painting contest competing with the people in the world painting with particular subject. Shine the contest with your nice skill