Privacy & Policy

Paintrala (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) takes any user’s personal information seriously and complies with Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.
The Company informs users about for what purpose and how personal information given by users us is used and what measures are taken to protect that information, through its Privacy Policy.
When the Company revises the Privacy Policy, it will give users a public notice through its website (or individual notice).
This Privacy Policy will be effective as of April 4, 2016.

1. Personal Information the Company collects

The Company collects the following personal information for application for membership, counseling, and service application, and the like.

Items collected: login ID, password, mobile phone number, email address, credit card information, records about the services users used, connection log, cookies, and payment records.
Method for collecting personal information: via homepage (signing up for the Company’s account)

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

The Company uses the information for the purpose of:

- Performance of contracts and adjustment of charges with respect to the provision of services: supply of contents, settlement of purchase and charges, personal identity verification for financial transaction and financial service, and collection of charges
- Membership management: personal identification, prevention of improper or unauthorized use by dishonest members, handling of complaints, and delivery of notices
- Application to marketing and advertisement: delivery of advertisement information about events, etc. service supply and ads placement in accordance with demographic characteristics, investigation of connection frequency, or statistics about services used by members.

3. Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information

In principle, the Company must destruct relevant information promptly after the purpose of collecting and using such information has been fulfilled. However, the Company will preserve that information as follows, if such preservation is necessary to meet any applicable law during a certain period of time as provided in such law.

Item to Be Preserved: email

Reason for Preservation: Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.
Period of Preservation: 5 year
4. Procedure and Method for destruction of personal information

As a rule, the Company should destruct personal information immediately after the purpose of collecting and using that information has been fulfilled. Such procedure and method is as follows:

- Destruction Procedure

Personal information entered to apply for membership or otherwise will be moved to a separate DB (or in case of paper, an another filing cabinet) after fulfillment of its purpose, and kept and destroyed after a period of time depending on reasons for information protection under the Company’s policy and other applicable laws and regulations. Such information moved to the separate DB cannot be used for other purposes than those which are supposed to be retained, unless otherwise allowed by relevant laws.

- Destruction Method

Personal information stored in electronic form is deleted using technical methods that make it impossible to reproduce records.
Personal information printed on paper is broken to pieces by a disintegrator or destroyed by fire
5. Supply of Personal Information

The Company does not provide personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of the Company unless one of the following circumstances applies:

- With prior consent of users
- When such supply is required in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations or demanded from the investigating authorities pursuant to procedures and methods as prescribed in relevant laws and regulations

6. Entrusting of Collected Personal Information

The Company does not entrust user’s information without his/her consent to companies, organizations, and individuals outside of the Company. If necessary in future, the Company will notify the subject and matter to be trusted to and obtain from relevant user if need be.

7.Users’ and Their Legal Representive’s Rights and Methods to Exercise Such Rights During the Periof of Retention and Use of Personal Information

Users or their legal representative may at all times access, review or modify personal information of their own and/or their children under the age of 14, and may request the Company to cancel their membership.

Users or their representative may click the “Personal Information Change” (or Membership Information Modification”) to access, review or modify personal information of their own and/ or their children under 14 years of age, or may click the “Membership Withdrawal” to cancel their membership. After their personal identity is verified, they can access, review, modify their information and secede from membership of the Company. In a different way, if users contact a staffer in charge of personal information as shown below in writing, or via telephone or email, we will take an immediate step towards any problem about the exercise of such rights above.

When you request us to correct mistakes or errors of personal information, we will not use or provide such information until completion of that correction. In addition, when wrong or incorrect information has already provided to a third person, we will prompty correct information to that person.

XX is dealing with personal information which has beeb cancelled or deleted at the request of users or their legal representative, under the heading of “Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information” collected by XX, and does not read (review) or use such information for other purposes.

8. Matters for establishment/operation of automatic collection of personal information and refusal thereof

The Company operates a cookie, etc., which stores and retrieves your information from time to time. A cookie is a small piece of text files sent to your web browser by a server(s) used to run XX’s website a website, and is stored in a hard disc(s) of your computer. The cookies serve the purposes of the Company below.

- Purpose of Cookies, Etc.
Cookies, etc. make it possible to analyze login frequency and visit hours of members and non-members, understand and track users’ taste and interests, and grasp their participation in and visits to all sorts of events, thereby offering users targeted marketing and tailored services.
You have a choice to install cookies. Therefore, you may allow all cookies by setting an option in your web browser, or verify cookies whenever they are stored therein, or refuse to store them.

- Refusal to Set Cookies
Example: As a method for blocking cookies, you can set “Option” in your web browser to allow all cookies, or verify cookies whenever they are stored, or otherwise refuse to store them.
- Complaints Service for Personal Information
The Company designates a staffer responsible for personal information to protect users’ such information and deal with complaints thereon, as follows:

Name of the staffer responsible for personal information: BAE, Dong Hwan

Update : 2016.04.08